She not only completed every assigned job at a professional standard, but also demonstrated her skills in developing her own design plans and successfully implementing them despite being under the pressure of the real design industry in Tokyo.
— Yoshihisa Oshima, Senior Design Director

Landor Associates, Tokyo

In the summer of 2014, I decided to up and leave the United States to intern for Landor Associates in Tokyo, Japan. Without knowing the language (or a single person there), I challenged myself to learn how to design in an unfamiliar culture.

While I was there, I worked with senior designers to develop branding and packaging solutions for the Japanese market. My main responsibilities included research, concept proposal, graphic execution, tagline development, and brand strategy.

This experience was a huge pivotal point in my career. It was the point where I realized how essential empathy is in designing at scale. If you can’t understand and empathize with cultural differences, you can’t successfully design for a global market. A cultural difference I found was that the Japanese market doesn't like dramatic or exaggerated phrases. For instance, they find US packaging stating that gum is "everlasting" is overdramatic and stay away from such depictions in their own packaging.

Mt. Rainier Caffè Latte, Winter Campaign

A package design for Mt. Rainier Caffé Latte's Winter campaign. The client selected this design because of the playful, spirited icons. In November 2014, this product was launched in convenience stores across Japan.

Who says you can't play with your food?

A fun, in-house project for Landor to create the desktop calendar for three months. The only parameter was that there had to be a theme and the title of each month's last letter had to be the following month's first letter. (ex. Candy then Yogurt)