Freeze. Halt. Think. Stop climate change in it's tracks. Our climate is changing and there is a lot we can do about it in our simple, everyday actions. Climate change is causing the Arctic to melt, making polar bears an endangered species.

The polar bear’s sad face connects with a wide audience by reflecting a basic emotion that, hopefully, gives them greater empathy towards the issue. The white space around the polar bear’s face represents an opportunity for anyone to come up with new, creative ideas to help combat climate change.

Chill Swag

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Contextual Reminders

These applications remind people to FREEZE when they are doing something that can help prevent climate change.


Getting students involved with FREEZE at school

Drawing inspiration from the children’s book “Flat Stanley,” the exercise asks students to create their own polar bear by following the steps below.

  1. Students receive template of a blank paper with the FREEZE logo on it
  2. Students design and cut out their very own polar bear!
  3. The teacher laminates their students polar bears 
  4. Students take their polar bears home and have one week to pose it in front of different ways to fight climate change

As an incentive, the student with the most ideas and poses by the end of the week wins FREEZE apparel. Students can earn more points by challenging family members to make their own polar bears, turning the topic of fighting climate change into a broader discussion. 



My process starts with researching my subject matter and is followed by looking at visual inspiration. After that, I make a poster board with fifty 2” x 2” squares and fill them up with logo ideas. This exercise makes me push my thinking as far as possible. From there, I create the strongest options on the computer. Some glimpses of this process can be seen below. Higher resolution photos available upon request.